Friday news picks

Posted on 16 September 2011


A moose got drunk and stuck in a tree.

The UN jumped on the social media bandwagon and did pretty well.

The Winkelvoss twins made fun of Mark Zuckerberg in an ad for pistachios.

Lest we forget Nauru.

There was a shooting at an Arkansas courthouse in which at least one person was injured.

The paradox of poverty and coffee.

People said stuff about the tenth anniversary of the 11 September 2001 attacks on America. Some of it was interesting.

A great big computer can sort of predict the future if you tell it the news.

A guy who said disgusting things online has been given jail time.

A pilot told the story of how she was almost sent to fly a plane into one of the hijacked planes.

The world’s most expensive car model is a US$4.7 million Lamborghini that is four times the price of the real thing.

Brisbane City Councillor David McLachlan bought a really expensive TV for his ward office.

Apple tried to buy Dropbox.

There’s a big teachers’ strike going on about pay, transfers and other stuff in Tacoma, Washington, USA. Classes have been cancelled for about 28,000 students.

The Atlantic looks at which generation is suffering the worst in the USA’s recession.

Image credit: pic n mix by David Locke under a Creative Commons Attribution licence

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