Friday news picks

Posted on 23 September 2011


Ernst and Young said that small live music venues contribute $1.2 billion to the Australian economy every year.

Wikileaks shed some light on Singapore’s plans for nuclear energy.

“Source A says the sky is blue. Source B says the sky is red. Shouldn’t the reporter look at the sky rather than just report the disagreement?”

The huge industrial corporation Siemans says it’s not working in anything to do with nuclear power anymore.

Scientist people identified a new species of dolphin of south-eastern Australia.

Young adult literature writers are being asked to change the sexuality of or remove completely gay characters.

A study found that musicians keep their hearing longer than non-musicians.

Charities in the USA are struggling to cope with the country’s rising poverty.

And in related news, Obama is trying to introduce new tax structures for Americans who earn over $1 million a year. The Republican House Speaker has already said it might be a better idea to cut social security and Medicare instead. Other people said more intelligent things about why taxes exist in the first place.

Some people protested outside the venue where the Foo Fighters were going to play because the band has some pro-gay songs. Or something. Anyway, the band came out onto the street and played some tunes to drown out the bigotry.

Apparently Maggie Gyllanhaal is starring in a movie about the Victorian-era invention of the vibrator.

Someone has suggested Sri Lanka be removed or suspended from the Councils of the Commonwealth because of its government’s behaviour with the whole civil war thing before. Sri Lanka is duly outraged and says it committed no war crimes.

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