Friday news picks

Posted on 30 September 2011


This Is Not Art (TINA) started yesterday.

News Ltd executives knew about the phone hacking in 2006.

A social media guy fired his Twitterer and then didn’t change his Twitter password.

Obama, the UN and a bunch of other people said stuff about Palestine.

A man in Ireland died from spontaneous combustion.

An old NASA spacestation fell out of the sky.

The results of a study in consumer psychology gives good evidence of The IKEA Effect ie that people are more likely to value things they have to make themselves.

It was Jim Henson’s birthday.

Robot wars might not be too far in our future. (I think I’ve seen a movie or two about how that might not be a great idea…)

Protesters and police in Bahrain failed to get along.

Two American guys who have been in prison in Iran for two years were freed.


It seems like someone in New York City is doing something right about the poverty there.

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