Friday news picks

Posted on 7 October 2011


Top athletes and singers have coaches. Should you?

A guy robbed a shop with a knife in the middle of the day in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall.

Religion professors from Calvin College in America got in big trouble for challenging literal interpretations of the book of Genesis to explain the existence of the universe.

A children’s picture book depicting the last century of German history has just been released.

How a good Catholic girl (Kristina Keneally) came to support gay marriage.

A study showed that a student’s perception of a lecturer’s effectiveness has more to do with how charismatic the teacher is than anything they actually say or that the student actually learns. There’s also a video.

An excellent article about post-capitalism.

Psychological profiling of share traders shows that they are often more reckless than psychopaths.

The first African woman to win a Nobel Prize died.

Teachers in Mexico are being threatened with death by drug dealers if they don’t hand over half their pay. So they stopped working instead.

The ABC is poaching staff from channel Nine. Now the recruiters aren’t Facebook friends anymore. Aw. (Meanwhile, Nine, you don’t lose staff when they’re happy.)

Six men in England are up on terror charges.

There was an armed robbery on the Gold Coast.

In Saudi Arabia, women can now vote.

All the football codes came together to stop proposed reforms to poker machine laws.

A guy climbed stairs on his head.

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