#actKM11: The party has started

Posted on 10 October 2011


David Williams opened the conference by acknowledging the traditional owners and thanking everyone—the RMIT school of business and Arthur Shelley who arranged the facility, sponsors Charles Sturt University and Konica Minolta, and NSW KM which has sponsored a masters student to come to Melbourne and present to the group.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen people so enthusiastic about being in a conference room at EIGHT-THIRTY IN THE FREAKING MORNING on a Monday morning. Honestly. Almost without exception, the knowledge management professionals I’ve met are ridiculously curious about everything, enthusiastic about new developments in their business, and also key drivers for change in their business. It’s really weird seeing people who are so very happy about change, but it’s also the main reason I keep going to their events.

This morning’s program is a keynote speech what keeps ceos awake at night? by Phil Ruthven of IBISWorld about nowish followed by The Art of Conversation by Keith De La Rue.

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