#actKM11: Unknown unknowns: presentation and exercise

Posted on 11 October 2011


For presenter Sha Reilly of Origin Energy, talent and expertise management came to mind immediately as one of the things that keeps CEOs awake.

She said it’s an important topic for CEOs because:

  • post-GFC growth is a priority
  • they are concerned about skills shortages especially in growth industries like mining
  • skills shortages lead to knowledge loss through poaching
  • the retirement of baby boomers is also threatens knowledge loss
  • they are concerned about the generational gap between baby boomers and new recruits and don’t think it will be resolved easily or quickly.

The first step is identifying expertise. This is very hard to do because we don’t know what expertise looks like half the time.

Sha took the group through an approach for finding experts within organisations, applying it to KM and helping people to figure out if it was an approach they could apply to their organisations.

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