Friday news picks

Posted on 28 October 2011


Oakland got in on the Occupy movement and paid the price:

Apparently the Church of Scientology conducted a long-term covert investigation of the creators of South Park after an episode of the show satirised the religion. Not sure what they expected to find.

Crowdfunding platform Pozible reached $1 million in pledges.

If you want some facts on asylum seekers in Australia, check them out.

How different species of bloggers have evolved since the early 1990s.

New Scientist magazine got into the Occupy Wall Street debate. With maths.

Bits of the Great Wall of China are collapsing. (It’s really old.)

Four Corners did a program on mental health issues among asylum seekers. I doubt anyone who thinks “asylum seeker” means “terrorist job stealer” watched it, but still.

News Corporation shareholders had a bit of a rumble with the Murdochs at their annual meeting.

Gloria Steinem said cool stuff.

Alan Jones talked about coal seam gas. Why, I’m not sure.

The Economist magazine backs up the Occupy movement.

Liberal National Party Member of Parliament said that homosexuality is something people should grow out of.

Continuing its investment into renewable energy, Google funded a study into geothermal energy.

American university prices went up. Again. Nice level playing field, that one.

The hacking group Anonymous that usually targets evil bankers says it has trashed a child porn operation online. Here is one of the few pieces of media coverage about it.

And a little something for everyone: why most social media departments fail.






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