Friday news picks

Posted on 4 November 2011


There’s gender bias in the world of literature, especially in fantasy.

China might be heading for a health care crisis.

Greece might give up the euro for the drachma.

Breastfeeding and vaccinations lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Noam Chomsky says that Obama’s stance on Israel is more extremist than most US presidents in history.

Shadow Treasure Joe Hockey knew about Qantas’s grounding plans before they were publicly announced.

A great discussion of the ridiculousness of America’s socio-economic situation and how it’s probably not going to get better.

In related news, a delegate for the Virginia state senate said that if a woman wears a nightie to bed it means she is clearly asking for her husband to rape her.

Some thoughts on social media and social revolts.

The police of Oakland wrote an open letter to its citizens about the Occupy protests.

An Australian Federal Member of Parliament wrote about the Qantas thing.

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