Friday news picks

Posted on 25 November 2011


Artificial brains are a long way off.

PNG’s parliament created a quota for women members.

How Klingon was invented.

Prince Frederik of Denmark visited Australia and made Tony Abbott look a bit foolish.

Kyle Sandilands acted like himself again.

Alan Jones breached the commercial radio code by broadcasting falsehoods.

You can buy a bubble blower machine for $17.99.

People had opinions about Australia’s mining boom.

Some scientists got a bit closer to creating a bionic contact lens that could be able to project your emails straight to your eyeball.

The Australian Government is looking into the practices of the country’s news media.

Someone in Germany invented a walkable rollercoaster.

A respected politician in America said that allowing same sex couples to marry will lead to people marrying inanimate objects.

The Australian sharemarket fell when Wall Street’s did.

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