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Posted on 2 December 2011


Fiat settled a copyright claim with graffiti artists whose work was featured in an advertisement without permission or payment.

A disabled pig gets around by using only its front legs.

Future Fund Chair David Murray had some interesting things to say on Lateline. Like he doesn’t believe in climate change because if he did it would be too scary.

Samsung beat Apple in court and is now allowed to sell its tablet in Australia.

Neuroscientists are reconstructing internal brain imagery on video.

The ABC said that same-sex marriage is a worthy cause.

Facebook finally makes users’ privacy changes opt-in.

Apple’s redneckiness came out again with Siri knowing how to find a brothel but not a women’s sexual health clinic.

Things are looking up in Burma.

Apparently there is a limit to what advertisers will put up with from popular radio announcers.

A professor of law, politics and culture draws similarities between the little wars that happened in the lead-up to World War I and the USA’s little wars in the last ten to 15 years.

There might be a Flight of the Conchords movie on its way.

Christian groups lobbied pro-gay marriage Labor MPs before the vote the other day.

The ten best TV ads of this year according to AdWeek.

A guy is tweeting World War II over the next six years. So far, interesting nuggets include “The joke in Britain is that they’re fighting the “Bore War” (play on Boer War); the French call it drôle de guerre (joke of a war)” and “Roosevelt: “This requires action”. President has authorised Sachs to head an Army/Navy committee enquiring into ‘uranium bomb’ science.” Follow here.

The guy who branded the Occupy movement.

Pakistan has a massive list of words deemed to be offensive that cause text messages to be blocked. Words like K Mart.

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