Friday news picks

Posted on 9 December 2011


Dymocks launched a new self-publishing service.

Author Jack Heath read books by women writers for a whole year to find out if he was sexist.

Facebook made some design changes and people are being creative with them.

There’s increasingly strong evidence that quantum physics fuels one of the most basic processes of our world: photosynthesis.

Brain Pickings assembled some examples of social media-style communication from the olden days.

Bahrain’s machinations with the USA government.

A court in Oregon, USA ruled that a blogger isn’t a journalist.

Serco, the company that runs Australia’s immigration detention centres, issued a report warning of a culture of self-harm among inmates.

The US army talked about bestiality.

Another person got arrested in the UK about the phone hacking thing.

Alec Baldwin got thrown off a plane for refusing to stop playing a game on his iPhone while the plane was delayed on the ground for an hour. He went nuts on Twitter and then his fellow fans united behind his cause.

Image credit: Newspaper production room by IMLS DCC under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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