Friday news picks

Posted on 16 December 2011


The owner of a famous English-language bookshop in Paris, Shakespeare and Co. passed away.

The asteroid-naming people named one after Christopher Hitchens.

An employee stole $16 million from Queensland Health.

The CIA’s torture is even worse than we thought before.

Tony Abbott reminded Liberal Party members they’re not allowed to disagree with him about gay marriage. Party members weren’t impressed.

Charlie Sheen tweeted his personal mobile number accidentally (he meant to send it privately to Justin Bieber).

There were some burglaries in New York City.

The Disney Princess toy line generates about $4 billion in annual retail sales. They’re starting a new TV series aimed at two- to seven-year-olds.

Americans are upset about the design of a pair of towers in North Korea that kind of look like the exploding World Trade Center towers.

Official Australian nutrition guidelines are being updated.

John Howard launched a book for kids that teaches them how to be climate change deniers.

There was a shooting at Virginia Tech, a US university.

Image credit: Chris Gladis

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