Friday news picks

Posted on 6 January 2012


The Iraqi Prime Minister encouraged people to be calm in the wake of the American army leaving.

There are similarities between Bradley Manning‘s case and the guy who gave some Pentagon papers about the Vietnam War to the New York Times.

Poppy growing is still a good business in Afghanistan.

Behind the scenes of New Year’s Eve in Times Square, New York City.

Rupert Murdoch joined Twitter.

Someone put together a Storify story of the journalists arrested because of their involvement in the Occupy movement.

India’s economy is struggling and affecting the country’s ability to build important infrastructure.

The Taliban has made a deal with neighbouring country Qatar to establish a “liaison office” (is that like a not-quite-embassy?) there.

A current NASA expedition did an upgrade of their software while in space.

An overview of the Obama administration’s plans for reforming Wall Street.

China’s one child policy might be on its way out.

Image credit: Newspaper production office by IMLSDCC under a Creative Commons Attribution licence

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