Friday news picks

Posted on 12 January 2012


China has come down hard on its non-government TV network with censorship.

Lisa Dempster rode her bike amazing distances.

A bomb went off in a market in Pakistan and killed about 35 people.

Mashable put together a retrospective of the year that was through tweets. I can forgive the emotionally indulgent music because so many of the chosen tweets are pretty funny.

Why do they want the girls to get all princesses and the boys to get all superheroes?

Is a relationship between a foodie and a non-foodie doomed?

A theatre show starring robots is coming to Brisbane this week.

Voting started to choose who gets to run for President of the USA.

The Pope said that gay marriage threatens the “family cell”. As a friend said: “Being a celibate bachelor in charge of covering up child abuse scandals must give him a real insight into the family cell.”

For the first time in the history of people, no one has come down with polio in India for a whole year.

Is the internet really empowering citizens?

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