Friday (night) news picks

Posted on 3 February 2012


An SBS reporter gives the story from inside Australia’s Villawood detention centre.

Brisbane City Councillors are in a tizzy about an art installation that looks like a bus stop seat and tips people onto the ground.

Palestinian protesters threw shoes at Ban Ki-Moon in Gaza.

Science writers in Canada plead with their government to allow their scientists to speak freely about climate science. (Maybe the real story is that they’re not allowed to speak freely? How long has this been going on?)

Fantastic installation artist Richard Byers is looking for donations, large and small, to create an inspiring projection artwork on a tsunami damaged church in Ishinomaki, Japan.

A guy in Brisbane tried to use his flood payout money to hire a hitman.

Mungo MacCallum on the whole “turning back the boats” thing.

The Cancer Council has released a guide to junk food advertising on Australian TV with some yucky, if unsurprising, findings.

A Chinese village of 10,000 held the country’s very first fully democratic elections after running the Communist Party out of town a few weeks ago.


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