Friday news picks

Posted on 10 February 2012


Criticising a woman does not equal sexism. A rundown of criticism vs actual sexism.

This town seems to be the centre of America’s war on gay people. Starting with kids.

A worker at Foxconn, the Chinese company that supplies bits and pieces to most tech companies, tells about what it’s like working in one of its factories.

Charles Dickens turned 200.

It looks like Israel is going to bomb Iran soon, whether or not it gets permission from the USA.

Banks are still a winning business model.

People who were arrested nine years ago in the USA for protesting the second Iraq war have just won their class action against Chicago.

American pro-democracy groups in Egypt are on trial for a bunch of stuff including “serving foreign interests”.

Mining boss Gina Rinehart bid for a bigger chunk of Fairfax Media. People mused on what that might eventually mean.

The first Melbourne Indigenous Arts Festival just started.

How coffee changed America.

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