Friday news picks

Posted on 24 February 2012


Hermit crab shells are running out. Luckily we have 3D printers!

An amazing, dreamy iPad book.

Some scientors grew a flower from one that’s been frozen for 32,000 years.

Property foreclosures are happening to successful Hollywood types.

Journalists died when the Syrian government bombed its own people.

JK Rowling is writing a book that’s meant for adults. (Will kids be buying their own special version with different covers?)

Here’s a page about the Labor leadership bonanza that is constantly updated.

The European economy continues to suck.

William Shatner has his own Broadway show.

All This Intimacy opens tonight at Chapel Off Chapel in Melbourne. Star Scott Major will be on Channel 7’s The Morning Show at 10:25 this morning. Check out the trailer for the play:

Image courtesy of New York Public Library


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