Friday news picks

Posted on 9 March 2012


A study found the depressing result that women are happier when their male partners are unhappy.

Wayne Swan said the super-rich should contribute to society. He got bagged, apparently by people who don’t understand economics.

Israel’s democracy is eroding under the pressure of constant conflict.

500 new fairytales were discovered in Germany.

Kevin Rudd joined the tradition of people who use “childless” as an insult.

An American corporation is trying to buy the rights to a libertarian think tank.

A survey of people in grades six and ten showed that less than half knew that cotton was made from a plant rather than an animal.

A man in the USA was convicted of beating his pregnant wife to death. His first trial ended with a hung jury.

L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival started.

Employees are starting to cost more in China. Now the country needs to allow entrepreneurialism to stay ahead.

All This Intimacy‘s 2.5-week run is finishing up in the next few days, as is its Pozible crowdfunding campaign.

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