Friday news picks

Posted on 23 March 2012


Deaths related to police tasering people are on the rise.

Apparently “I did it to save the lives of unborn children” is a defence for growing millions of dollars worth of pot.

New York state’s disabled care system is pretty woeful.

The Australian dollar is finally falling.

A married couple got into a stabbing fight after the woman demanded her husband have sex with her to make up for the months he had neglected her sexual needs.

Israelis and Iranians are exchanging messages of love and friendship online.

Tony Abbott said that Julia Gillard had a target on her forehead. Then he said sorry. Scintillating political debate right there.

Free education around the world is so crap that parents will pay for their children to avoid it.\

Helmet laws are strange and make cycling less safe.

A guy is driving a truck up the east coast of Australia to protest against marriage equality. He has also said that all gay people are paedophiles.

Image: Pick and Mix 
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