Friday news picks

Posted on 30 March 2012


A selection of the things I read this week.

Lady Annie Mine in Queensland released toxic waste into waterways and got caught.

Scientists are studying Arctic sea ice trying to figure out the causes of erratic weather around the world.

Australian Law Reform Commission is going to review the operation of copyright in the digital environment.

Dr Seuss’s Lorax statue was stolen.

Single parent benefits in Australia aren’t enough to live off.

The Galapagos Islands are famous for finches and iguanas, but the ocean around them is also teaming with a variety of life.

A Ugandan newspaper asks why the International Criminal Court is only interested in human rights abusers from Africa.

Chevron lied to Brazil, and now Brazilian workers are suing them.

Apparently there’s a thing called behavioural economics and the British government uses it to influence people’s behaviour and the US is about to start.

Nokia and Apple are in court over mini-SIM cards.

Other people are fighting over mobile money.

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