Someone’s got to do the stuff the government and big business can’t

Posted on 4 July 2012


UK-born-Australian-citizen artist Fee Plumley has big ideas. The one she’s trying to carry out now is reallybigroadtrip. It’s going to be a big-deal arts project and information gathering exercise.

Everyone who’s anyone who’s interested in the arts, economics, rural communities, Australian culture, technology, innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship, change making, and the world in general will want the quantitative and qualitative data that Fee gathers during her road trip to Australia’s hidden corners where us urbanites (and that’s most Australians) forget that creativity thrives.

To do that, she needs a bus. It’s going to be a special bus: a multi-purpose thing that’s a home, studio, workshop, office, mobile artwork, and a space for exhibitions, screenings, concerts and collaboration. She’s going to drive it around regional, rural and remote Australia, meeting people, seeing what they have been creating, connecting them with each other, learning and teaching, making art, gathering information, and showcasing the hidden depths of Australian creativity.

So, she needs money to pay for this special bus and all the work that she will be doing during the reallybigroadtrip. To that end, she is running a funding campaign on Pozible.

If you pledge to this project you can be confident you are making a sound investment. Fee is a professional with a stellar track record. She worked as an artist in the UK for many years then came to Australia and got into arts administration, hustling the Australia Council for the Artsdigital culture mandate into existence and then, ridiculously quickly, to success.

She has brought technology to the lives of those to whom it is most foreign and extremely useful. For example, some elderly ladies in Liverpool are now able to download crochet patterns because Fee believes technology is for everyone.

She is up for just about any challenge and is so convinced everyone else is too that she accidentally inspires people all over the place. As a former Regional Young Person, I can say that inspiration is sorely needed.

To put it another way, Fee is on my (crushingly short) list of People Who Get Shit Done.

What I’m trying to say is, invest in this project, even just five or ten dollars, and you will be investing in the career of one outstanding innovator, the lives and livelihoods of those she connects with on her way, and, in a very tangible, meaningful way, the future of Australia.

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