The Grandmother Chronicles are moving

Posted on 10 December 2012


For those of you who follow this blog to keep up with my book project based on my grandmother’s stories, I’ve started a website for the project now that it’s really underway and I’ll be blogging there about it from now on. Here’s the beginning of today’s post:

A Belated Revolution

5590354872_5f44e3eb90_bIt took a long time for the Industrial Revolution to reach inside the homes of subsistence farmers.

While there were trains and factories in the outside world, at home women spun and wove cloth, sewed clothes, grew and canned vegetables, ground wheat and corn, baked bread, scrubbed pots and floors with sand, made jam, and washed clothes, sheets and blankets by hand; men made furniture for their families, walked behind oxen to plough, butchered their own livestock, threshed cotton and flax, cut hay, built and repaired fences, and chopped firewood to heat their homes to keep their large families alive during winter.

Two things play in my thoughts when I think about this…

Read more at the official website for the book project.