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Not a Book Review: Sufficient Grace

February 28, 2013


On the long flight from Australia to Montréal I read Amy Espeseth’s debut novel Sufficient Grace. And I loved it. Reading it was a beautiful experience: from the contained poetry of the title and the delicately brutal cover art, the sweet and shocking opening scene, all the way to the horrifying final realisation of the […]

New Project: Women of Genesis

February 25, 2013


The Book of Genesis is the first book of all Christian Bibles and of the Torah. It is the story of how some of the ancient Semitic peoples became Jewish. Throughout the book, the god of the Hebrews reveals himself to Noah and Abraham and some of their relatives through various draconian catastrophes. It also chronicles the […]

Adventures in Email (or: don’t check your spam folder)

February 22, 2013


So I’m checking my spam folder last night because my breath is all baited with waiting for something and I see there’s one asking me ‘Are there paedophiles in your neighbourhood?’ And I think ‘If I was raising kids in my neighbourhood they wouldn’t be running around the streets of inner city Melbourne without me […]

This Is Not A Film Review: Lincoln

February 12, 2013


Lincoln is essentially the second half of a season of The West Wing, if it was set 150 years earlier, with a side of Boston Legal. If you’re a West Wing fan, you will be struck by how closely its President Bartlett was based on Lincoln (something I never knew, although they do talk about Lincoln a lot on that show): […]

The Internet, Feminism and Men

February 7, 2013


Whenever some misogynist-trolling-of-intelligent-woman scandal has exploded in the (anti‑)feminist webosphere over the last decade or so (ie since I started tapping into it), I’ve seen countless variations of this idea, mainly from intelligent men sympathetic to the concept that women are equal to men: “All these sexists on the internet need to ask themselves how […]

This Is Not A Film Review: Django Unchained

February 6, 2013


If you're wondering whether you should this film, the answer is 'yes, but brace yourself'.