Physics For Preschoolers

Posted on 6 March 2013


Today I remembered this conversation I had with my nephew Jackson when he was about four and laughed for about half an hour:

‘Aunty Sarah, come play outside with me.’

‘OK, but let’s put our jackets on first.’


‘Because it’s cold and you’ve just been sick.’

‘But I’m hot from running.’

‘But the air outside is cold so it’ll make you cold.’


‘Because the air doesn’t have much heat in it so it’s going to take the heat from your body and then you’ll get cold.’


‘Because heat likes to be spread out all even between the air and your skin.’


‘Because of heat transfer.’

‘Oh, OK.’

[Two minutes go by.]

‘Aunty Sarah I want to unzip my jacket.’

‘No, keep it zipped.’


‘Remember before when we were talking about thermodynamics?’

‘Oh yeah.’

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