Slacktivism and that Red Profile Picture

Posted on 30 March 2013


Like a lot of people, I was skeptical of the impact of changing one’s Facebook profile image to show support of a cause.

Yesterday I read this article about the latest George Takei-led Facebook thing of changing your profile image to the Human Rights Commission‘s equal-sign logo to show your support of marriage equality while the US Supreme Court talks about it.

While it acknowledges that ‘[u]ltimately, we all know that Antonin Scalia gives zero craps what your avatar is’, it also quotes a young woman saying this:

There is something so incredibly moving and overwhelming when you open your FB page, and you see friends from all over the country, indeed the world — straight, gay, left, right — taking the time to swap out their mugs for the HRC symbol in solidarity, so that your entire newsfeed is one big same-sex marriage rally.

So I changed mine purely in the hope of giving my non-straight friends and family that lovely feeling you get when something important inside you relaxes because someone else stands up and says they care about who you really are.

It’s really fun seeing the different ways people are playing with the image to make it theirs. Check out some of the ones I’ve come across. My personal favourite is Lady Liberty and Lady Justice getting it on.

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Activism can be fun and playful!