Once Upon A Dream

Posted on 7 April 2013


In a dream the other night, I packed down a venue after an event and found there was a large wooden box I had to carry home.

The box wasn’t very heavy but it was bigger than me: seven feet by three but only two or three inches deep, therefore awkward to carry. I was walking home and there were hills and traffic lights on the way.

I struggled with the box a few metres outside the building, trying to carry it under my arm and on my back, but nothing worked. Other people were around and some offered to help but I knew they couldn’t.

Eventually I decided to open the box and see if it would be easier to carry the contents on their own. Using a small crowbar, I pried one of the broad sides off.

Inside were a few little items rattling around and a lot of dust and matted old spiderwebs. I saw that there wasn’t anything I needed.

I left the box behind and went home lightly and alone.

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