Introducing Scribble Creative

Posted on 12 May 2014


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The other day I started a business.

Rather than being a random contractor for all the events I work on, I’m now a representative of an event management consultancy called Scribble Creative.

It’s got its own website which I made all by myself (I’m very proud) and a logo by Nicholas Martin at Consume Creative. The website shows all the events I’ve worked on over the last decade, my current projects, special partners for services outside my scope, and news updates which I suspect will be fairly sporadic. I published one today advertising for an intern to help me out with a few things. Please pass it onto anyone who might be interested!

I’ve just signed up for three major projects and still have a few random consulting projects as well. In the last month I’ve suddenly gone from being in a frightening almost-unemployed rut to being super busy. It’s wonderful.

I’m really excited about developing Scribble Creative and have so many ideas for creating new events and working on others I already know and love.

You can follow Scribble on Twitter and Facebook too!

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