First Aid

Posted on 11 February 2015


Healing skin balmLast week was the third time I’ve burned myself rather seriously.

This time I was stirring coffee grounds into a plungerful of boiling water and, with the spoon, punched straight through the glass. Water fountained out of the hole directly onto my upper thigh, really close to where you can sometimes see the femoral artery under the skin.

Off with the leggings, on with the frozen peas, took some paracetamol. Sat for half an hour freezing the burned skin and sipping water. It still stung a fair bit but I was getting bored lying around. The walk to get burn ointment and dressings seemed to do some good, plus the paracetamol would have been taking the edge off by then.

By the end of the day the soreness had shrunk to a very red raindrop a little bigger than a fifty cent piece. The prettiest little row of blisters came up through the middle of it, about seven of them.

The ice and ointment must have done their jobs because by bedtime the blisters had deflated and it only hurt if something touched it too roughly.

The damaged skin is starting come away now and a new-grown layer is showing through. It’s very sensitive and not quite ready to do without the old skin.

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