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November 19, 2013


I didn’t blog as much as I wanted to while I was on The Big Trip because a truly poisonous ex was avidly reading everything I wrote online. Even though it was a condition of his bail that he not use social media, he told me that he had found ways around it and had been keeping an eye on my Twitter account.

Next Big Thing

December 5, 2012


There’s this blogger chain project thing going around the internet at the moment called Next Big Thing. Last week I was tagged by Patrick O’Duffy and now it’s my turn. What you do is, answer 10 standard questions about your next major writing project (usually a book), post it the Wednesday after you were tagged, […]

Like, new year or whatever

December 31, 2011


Everyone knows it’s a new year. I’ve got better things to talk about. Like the Bible and how self-expression is a basic human need on a par with food and my theory of how people consistently move from a spiritual experience or two to dogma and the dream of gluten free pastry and invisible misogyny and […]

Movement at the station

March 31, 2011


When I started this blog last year, I set it up on the premise that it was a testing site for my online presence. I got some really useful comments on that post, but mostly just posting regularly for almost a year has shown me what I want to do. Here’s what’s going to happen: […]

The one after the euphoric photo post

March 15, 2011


I put together my photo post about my first month in Melbourne knowing full well that it was a lop-sided view of what it’s been like. It’s all true but it’s not the complete story. A big move, even between cities as similar as Melbourne and Brisbane, is a shock to the system. This is […]

From the Back Catalogue: Me and Polygamy

November 29, 2010


This entry was originally posted on 14 July 2008. I still use it as an example of the randomness of the opinions that I blog about and it has come to mind recently since Ben Law talked about the diversity of families that exist in our country. I can’t believe I wrote this over two years […]

Tipping Point 08: Oh yeah, that’s right

November 15, 2010


  There was a mini-project within the conference that I haven’t mentioned yet. On the Friday, MC Dick got the delegates to split into groups of five or so to work on a creative project exploring some aspect of climate change. Over the two days, the groups got together during break times to formulate their […]