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MWF: the Mid-List Authors Soirée

August 28, 2014


Last Saturday, Melbourne writer Mel Campbell hosted an event of her creation, the Mid-List Author Soiree, at MWF. It was built around Mel wanting to bring together writers like she is: people who write for a living but aren’t blockbuster successes. Or, in other words, almost all working writers.

Literary Sex

November 15, 2013


I’ve been reading a novel that’s full of forbidden love and sex. And I’ve had better. The cover art is appalling and the story is made of many layers of cliché, although aspects of it are interesting and the writing is quite good. I’m pushing through because unfinished books haunt me. It’s set in middle ages […]

Not a Book Review: Sufficient Grace

February 28, 2013


On the long flight from Australia to Montréal I read Amy Espeseth’s debut novel Sufficient Grace. And I loved it. Reading it was a beautiful experience: from the contained poetry of the title and the delicately brutal cover art, the sweet and shocking opening scene, all the way to the horrifying final realisation of the […]

The Ottoman Motel: excellent travel reading

August 9, 2011


Over the weekend, somewhere on my Singapore-Helsinki-Heathrow stretch, I finished Chris Currie’s first novel The Ottoman Motel. I started it a couple of months ago just after its Melbourne launch but stopped when I got busy and the only time I had free to read was right before bed and I couldn’t because it was […]

I just donated to Pan Magazine!

July 14, 2011


It’s an independent magazine run by cool people for the good of writers and artists and society and stuff. More here and here. If you want to support it too, click here Pozible is a crowdfunding platform for arts projects. It’s awesome. Check it out. UPDATE 1:23pm Also donated to the Vibewire Anthology. Go do […]