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Social Media Narcissism?

October 3, 2014


There's a lot of chatter about how social media brings out the narcissist in us all, without any acknowledgement that narcissism is a serious personality disorder/mental health condition that has a great track record of destroying the lives of the person with it and everyone close to them.

Someone’s got to do the stuff the government and big business can’t

July 4, 2012


UK-born-Australian-citizen artist Fee Plumley has big ideas. The one she’s trying to carry out now is reallybigroadtrip. It’s going to be a big-deal arts project and information gathering exercise. Everyone who’s anyone who’s interested in the arts, economics, rural communities, Australian culture, technology, innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship, change making, and the world in general will […]

Upgrade me!

March 20, 2012


I lose things a lot. Keys, wallet, phone. I live alone and have no landline so there’s no ringing my phone to find it or anyone around remember where I last had my keys. I’ve thought of a solution though. We should install my phone in my arm. And replace all locks with PINs or passwords. […]

An afternoon at the library

June 29, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I spent about 45 minutes exploring the State Library of Victoria building. It was research for a project I’m working on for October (check out its website if you want more information; I’m still getting my head around it). Research involved taking a few photos. I’ll have to go back and see a […]

Grammar Geek: Twitter Verbs

December 21, 2010


Or: why we need both ‘to tweet’ and ‘to twitter’ There’s been some discussion among grammar/web geeks about correct terminology around social media platform of the hour Twitter. Here’s my weigh-in/explanation for anyone who cares. When you’re tweeting, you’re posting a tweet via a Twitter account. When you’re twittering, you could be doing anything at all […]