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July 8, 2014


A few weeks ago I tweeted a link to an old blog post of mine, the one about the after effects of having been physically assaulted several years ago. I broadcast it again, over a year after I first wrote it, because of the #YesAllWomen campaign which happened in response to a mass shooting in the USA that was motivated by the killer’s hatred of women.

I Had an Article Published

March 25, 2013


It’s about SlutWalk and the sexual oppression of women. It’s published on We Matter Media and it goes like this: Apparently women who like to have a lot of sex want to be able to be called sluts and call themselves sluts without it being an insult or put down. They want SlutWalk to be both […]

From the bible’s cutting room floor: The Gospel According to Mary

March 18, 2013


This is part of a gospel, which is not included in the final edit of the bible, attributed to Mary of Magdalene. 1. When Mary had said this, she fell silent, since it was to this point that the Saviour had spoken with her. 2. But Andrew answered and said to the brethren, ‘Say what you wish […]

New Project: Women of Genesis

February 25, 2013


The Book of Genesis is the first book of all Christian Bibles and of the Torah. It is the story of how some of the ancient Semitic peoples became Jewish. Throughout the book, the god of the Hebrews reveals himself to Noah and Abraham and some of their relatives through various draconian catastrophes. It also chronicles the […]

The Internet, Feminism and Men

February 7, 2013


Whenever some misogynist-trolling-of-intelligent-woman scandal has exploded in the (anti‑)feminist webosphere over the last decade or so (ie since I started tapping into it), I’ve seen countless variations of this idea, mainly from intelligent men sympathetic to the concept that women are equal to men: “All these sexists on the internet need to ask themselves how […]

From the Bible’s cutting-room floor: Lilith

January 2, 2013


Lilith was Adam’s first wife. This is part of her story. Adam and Lilith never found peace together; for when he wished to lie with her, she took offence at the recumbent posture he demanded. ‘Why must I lie beneath you?’ she asked. ‘I also was made from dust, and am therefore your equal.’ When […]

Things I could tell you

December 4, 2012


I could tell you how we dated for a few weeks and how he treated me a bit shabbily towards the end. I could explain that we have lots of mutual friends so we ended up at the same party one night. I could tell you that he attacked me after almost everyone else had […]