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Social Media Narcissism?

October 3, 2014


There's a lot of chatter about how social media brings out the narcissist in us all, without any acknowledgement that narcissism is a serious personality disorder/mental health condition that has a great track record of destroying the lives of the person with it and everyone close to them.


July 8, 2014


A few weeks ago I tweeted a link to an old blog post of mine, the one about the after effects of having been physically assaulted several years ago. I broadcast it again, over a year after I first wrote it, because of the #YesAllWomen campaign which happened in response to a mass shooting in the USA that was motivated by the killer’s hatred of women.

Slacktivism and that Red Profile Picture

March 30, 2013

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Like a lot of people, I was skeptical of the impact of changing one’s Facebook profile image to show support of a cause. Yesterday I read this article about the latest George Takei-led Facebook thing of changing your profile image to the Human Rights Commission‘s equal-sign logo to show your support of marriage equality while the US […]

A tale of insidious sexism

November 2, 2012


So there was this guy on Twitter the other day who was saying he wanted to help professional women in a male-dominated industry set up a support group for themselves. When it was pointed out that the best way he could help was to shut up and let women take care of themselves, he decided […]

How to misuse Twitter and piss people off

March 22, 2011


I’ve been doing some work for a recruitment consultancy recently so I’ve started following a few recruitment industry accounts on Twitter. To find them I simply searched Twitter for accounts to do with ‘recruitment’ and ‘human resources’ and followed a few that looked interesting. A lot of them turned out to be job boards which […]

Grammar Geek: Twitter Verbs

December 21, 2010


Or: why we need both ‘to tweet’ and ‘to twitter’ There’s been some discussion among grammar/web geeks about correct terminology around social media platform of the hour Twitter. Here’s my weigh-in/explanation for anyone who cares. When you’re tweeting, you’re posting a tweet via a Twitter account. When you’re twittering, you could be doing anything at all […]

Friday news picks

November 5, 2010


Here’s some of what I found interesting this week. Click, comment, argue. You know I love it. Facebook created a chart showing when most relationship break ups happen. Call-girl/writer talks about the evolution of the politics of female pubic hair. A friend of mine who recently released a family memoir gave a speech on the notion […]