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MWF: the Mid-List Authors Soirée

August 28, 2014


Last Saturday, Melbourne writer Mel Campbell hosted an event of her creation, the Mid-List Author Soiree, at MWF. It was built around Mel wanting to bring together writers like she is: people who write for a living but aren’t blockbuster successes. Or, in other words, almost all working writers.


November 19, 2013


I didn’t blog as much as I wanted to while I was on The Big Trip because a truly poisonous ex was avidly reading everything I wrote online. Even though it was a condition of his bail that he not use social media, he told me that he had found ways around it and had been keeping an eye on my Twitter account.

New Project: Women of Genesis

February 25, 2013


The Book of Genesis is the first book of all Christian Bibles and of the Torah. It is the story of how some of the ancient Semitic peoples became Jewish. Throughout the book, the god of the Hebrews reveals himself to Noah and Abraham and some of their relatives through various draconian catastrophes. It also chronicles the […]

Next Big Thing

December 5, 2012


There’s this blogger chain project thing going around the internet at the moment called Next Big Thing. Last week I was tagged by Patrick O’Duffy and now it’s my turn. What you do is, answer 10 standard questions about your next major writing project (usually a book), post it the Wednesday after you were tagged, […]

Oh em gee

April 4, 2012


Yesterday, for the first time in a few weeks I took a look at the draft program for the Emerging Writers’ Festival. I don’t know how much we’re revealing about it before the program launch on 4 May, so I’m just going to say this: Holy shit, I love this festival. On the 2012 program so […]

Year of writing

March 27, 2012


Mid-last year I decided that 2012 was going to be my year of being a writer. I’ve been a professional writer for ages—the corporate kind. I enjoy corporate writing. I value immensely the things I have learnt from doing that work for ten years, particularly discipline and the ability to step back from my work […]

I don’t believe in writer’s block

August 15, 2011


Actually, I believe it’s real, I just don’t believe it’s a good enough excuse for not doing something. I think a lot of the time what people call writer’s block is not knowing how to be disciplined. There are people who insist they can only write under certain circumstances, with a certain lamp, on certain […]